1,784 people have died in England and Wales after contact with the police since 1990 – yet no officer has been held to account
The railway worker died of coronavirus after she was allegedly spat at by a man who said he had Covid-19 at Victoria station.
The 35-year-old with paranoid schizophrenia could be heard saying "I can't breathe" as he was handcuffed in south-east London.
Exclusive: Families say the new policy will make it even harder to hold forces to account.
Daniel Mee, 25, and Jayson Dolman, 20, were in Alicante, Spain, when they died in July last year.
The presenter’s mother and sister have issued statements at the inquest into her death.
The teenager was found dead in August, days after disappearing from an eco-resort in Malaysia during a family holiday.
Government is investigating but watchdog calls it "highly unlikely" true scale of tragedy is clear.
An inquest into the death of the infamous murderer has opened.