Shared common values are inhibitors of division, hate and extremism – a proactive integration strategy in response to rising immigration is not a choice, but a necessity
One year on from Dame Louise Casey’s wide-ranging review of integration, the Government is yet to publish its response or
diversify We prefer to give up rather than exercise patience. An important area where tolerance now needs to be greater is religion; we cannot afford a repeat of the great religious conflicts of the past. Where religion is still of great importance, such as in large parts of the Muslim world, religious tolerance is much more fragile.
One of my fiercest critics is a Pakistani woman. Zainab has the most extraordinary mind, a wicked sense of humour and takes no prisoners. She inspires me and makes me feel that together we can change the world. And she asks the most difficult questions.
Yes, we should celebrate our country's exceptional strengths, whilst being able to accept our country's weaknesses, especially from those whom so many consider the 'other', if we are to ensure Britain reaches it's full potential.
“Toxic” debate around immigration in the UK is preventing newcomers from properly fitting in, according to a Labour MP. Chuka
Some argue this indicates that Muslims cannot live alongside Western values and culture, that the two are fundamentally irreconcilable. But there is nothing in Islam to support such a view, indeed the Quran states that people are free to believe whatever they wish and makes clear that Muslims can fully observe Islam without living in a theocracy.
Of all the Tory manifesto pledges that are likely to be junked by the new government, the 'dementia tax' pledge on funding care will get some of the biggest cheers.