Interest Rates

Not everyone is convinced: "We basically have Kendall Roy as prime minister."
Industry bosses say we must not be "blase" about the economy: "Something has to change."
The Bank has just raised interest rates again by 0.5%, to a total of 4% – but the recession will be milder than expected.
Mortgage-owners and savers are set to be affected.
The Bank has just revealed the largest hike in interest rates for 33 years, predictions for a two-year recession and when inflation may fall.
The Bank's new forecast, combined with the highest inflation we've seen since the 1980s, is certainly bleak.
To understand how the economy impacts your life, it's time to take an interest in interest.
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has warned that the country is not prepared for a no-deal Brexit and that it faces its worst economic growth in 2019. If a Brexit deal is reached, however, the Bank of England would raise interest rates, which stand at 0.75 percent.