International community

A few charred trees are all that remain in this patch of the Amazon after it was ravaged by fires, a sombre scene which has angered the international community as a record number of fires in the Amazon rainforest intensified an unfolding environmental crisis.
Trump’s ill-advised decision makes neither the world nor the region looks any safer
Nearly one million Rohingya refugees have fled across the border from Myanmar
President Donald Trump set a May 12 deadline to decide what to do on the nuclear agreement.
Russia vetoes UN resolution to create a new expert body to probe attacks.
Government says there is no need for "alarm" as Parliament investigates land expropration without compensation.
We need to be bolder; we need a coordinated international response to this crisis
These bombardments are claiming the lives of hundreds of civilians and children
Somalis all over are looking for ways to send aid back home, turning to traditional tribal networks to seek out those most in need. With images of starving children with sunken cheeks and hollow eyes circulating the Somali diaspora community, the pressure to act now is critical. We cannot stand by and wait for another 260,000 lives to be lost and only then realise, we could have done something. But by then, once again, it would be too little, too late. The time to act is now.
Sudanese have plenty of reasons to demonstrate against the disastrous state of the country's finances; inflation is running at 40% and years of oil revenues have been frittered away. Beyond the capital, Khartoum, there has been little investment in infrastructure, education or heath facilities. Unemployment and under-employment have demoralised those millions who do not benefit from the crony capitalism that has sustained the ruling elite for decades.