international development

Foreign secretary Liz Truss has been urged to bring back the government's commitment to spend 0.7 per of national income on international development.
Senior Tory MPs warn the prime minister axing manifesto pledge would send the "wrong signal out to the world".
Reduction may be temporary but critics say move "will diminish us on the world stage".
Dominic Raab's move branded "callous" as questions raised over MPs scrutinising the decision.
Letter from Dominic Raab reveals outgoing civil servant Mark Sedwill will oversee merger of Foreign Office and DfID, despite leaving Whitehall in September.
In a highly unusual move, the former PM warns the UK will lose respect around the world due to Johnson's decision.
"Not very bright" or a "force of nature"? Who is the home secretary and can she hang on amid a slew of bullying allegations?
To ensure UK aid is not just “spent well”, but “could not be better spent” we must ensure that the money we give builds that progress