Runnymede Trust and IPPR think tanks warn of nearly 60,000 more deaths if white people had same risk.
Think tank report reveals chronic underfunding and poor pay is behind escalating problems.
Saying that women need to work more does not cut it. We can, and must, do better than that
Government and the NHS must also do more to protect and promote students' mental health. As a first step, a forthcoming government green paper should identify students' particular mental health needs and set out solutions. The May government has so far talked a good talk on mental health, but is not yet clear how this will translate to improved support for students. Brexit is bringing new urgency to questions about what kind of society we want to be. To thrive outside the EU, the UK will need an educated workforce - but also a workforce that is healthy, happy and resilient.
We know that fulfilling employment can minimise the risk of developing poorer mental health, and that negative experiences of work can have the opposite effect. But beyond this, how well do we understand the interactions between the way we work and our mental health?
What causes addiction? Ask most people this question and I imagine most will say 'drugs cause addiction'. This is the story we have been told for many years fuelled by numerous experiments undertaken in the first half of the 20th Century. In these experiments a rat is put in a cage with two water bottles. One contains just water. The other is water laced with heroin or cocaine. Most of the rats drink until they overdose. Pretty conclusive, right? As it turns out, no.
On the one hand, there's a risk that power is handed to people who don't represent the communities they claim to. On the other, we have the opportunity to re-evaluate our democratic processes and institutions, and make sure gender equality is designed in from the start. Let's choose the second; it is the twenty-first century, after all.
The UK government has now received as final warning over repeated breaches of air pollution limits in sixteen areas. This
The NHS is facing a 'humanitarian crisis'. This was the message from the Red Cross as we entered the New Year. It may have sounded a bit dramatic, but reports from across the country certainly suggest that services are facing significant pressures.
This only scratches the surfaces of how the negotiations might proceed. But if the government's White Paper is going to be worth its salt it will need to address each of these critical areas with pragmatism and foresight. Only with a clear negotiating strategy can the government secure a favourable deal...