Jimmy Aldaoud reportedly came to the US as a baby and didn't speak Arabic. He died after he was unable to get insulin, his family says.
Amir Ashour felt unable to be LGBT and stay in his homeland of Iraq. Once he moved to where he could feel free to live life the way he wanted, Amir started work on IraQueer, a human rights organisation that envisions an Iraq where everyone is treated equally. Now, with Amplifund, he's looking to take it to the next level.
UK "cannot predict" whether fall of physical territory might increase domestic terror risk.
Migrants, including a mother and her two children, said they came from Iraq.
The fight for Mosul’s future is only just beginning. NGOs, governments and civil society need to work together to ensure the cycle of war and violence is broken
After the self-described Islamic State took control of Mosul, Iraq, in 2016, girls were banned from taking part in any sports. Now a group of girls are breaking old taboos by learning to swim in one of the few pools that wasn’t destroyed in the fighting.
More than 9,000 people lost their lives - seeing the city then, it was hard to imagine it would ever recover
The country’s future relies on the backing of all Iraqi people whatever their religion, ethnicity, culture or creed