To me, Begum comes across as a a frightened, exhausted young woman, not a dangerous terrorist sympathiser – she surely deserves a chance to try to build a better life than the one she had in Syria
'We have a supply chain which goes from an Eastern European manufacturer to Islamic State in Iraq in less than two months.'
Islamic State fighters are illegally using guns and other weapons made in Eastern European factories, in a newly-discovered
'We’re not going to taint Islam with this person.'
Muslims in France have refused to bury one of the men who murdered an 85-year-old Catholic priest in his church last week
France’s interior minister has implored patriotic French people to join the reserves to help boost security after the brutal
Families are sharing pictures of missing children still unaccounted for.
A toddler injured in the Nice lorry attack is feared to have been orphaned after no-one has come to identify him in hospital
In simple terms - if their aim is to cause conflict between Muslims and the Western World then so far they are doing very badly. They have failed to engage around 1.6billion Muslims in their cause.