A new mosque in Cambridge is Europe's first green mosque. The founders say it's been built to operate at an almost zero carbon footprint. The facade of the building is finished in brick, complementing the materials already found in the local neighbourhood of Victorian terraced houses. The mosque has no minaret and the call to prayer will not be broadcast outside the building.
He also named two Islamist groups believed to be responsible.
For groups like Islamic State, the tweets are confirmation that the West is out to destroy them
Donald Trump, the President of the United States, retweeted three tweets and videos from Jayda Fransen, one of the duo of
The Government’s key anti-radicalisation strategy is “discriminatory, disproportionate and counter-productive” and should
The suggestion terror fuelled the rise in crime is demonstrably false. Of the 5.2 million offences covered in the statistics
The show’s executive producer Fozia Khan defended the decision to dress Freeman up, suggesting it played an important part