Where can I get more information? We have a write-up on the coolest details and features of the phone here. Full information
So an incredible new watch is on the market. And we here at Huffington Post UK Comedy are impressed... SEE ALSO: Apple's
Low-cost 'feature' smartwatches, supporting only functions baked in by the manufacturer and lacking flashy designs, may be the push needed to help smartwatches go mainstream. Without it, the market might remain limp-wristed for a long time to come.
This was it -- the Apple event that were waiting for. The iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch have finally been unveiled. For the
The iPhone 6 is now just a few hours away from being unveiled at Apple's special event in California. Of course the iPhone
With the hype surrounding the launch of Apple's new iPhone 6 reaching fever pitch, one intrepid reporter at Yahoo has managed
A confession - I'm not a smartwatch fan. They're nearly all ugly, crap battery and over-engineered. Also, I like normal watches, with nice dials and nice straps. Smartwatches stink of innovation by public companies to drive sales and share value. I'm perfectly happy having a smartphone and a stupid watch.
When I worked for Nokia in 2007, a stated development objective was this: "Today you don't leave home without your mobile, your wallet or your keys. We now need to replace the wallet and the keys." Nokia have not done this, but Apple will.
It's official. Apple has sent out invites for what will surely be the iPhone 6 (and probably the iWatch) launch event on
Apple looks likely to unveil its 'iWatch' wearable gadget at its September 9 iPhone event. Which we're sure is in no way