Jake Humphrey

He then tried to clarify he did not mean the press was wrong to pursue the story but was merely commenting they were “ruthless
Jake is revving up for the football season once again.
For the latest in our WISE WORDS interview series - where stars from a whole range of fields share the important life lessons
BT Sport's decision to hire any ex-Premier League footballer available has already backfired via some questionable analysis
As far as Premier League debuts go, BT Sport's coverage of Liverpool versus Stoke City was more Ali Dia than Fabrizio Ravanelli
In one of the most sensational transfer stories of F1's history Lewis Hamilton has announced that he is to leave McLaren after fifteen years and move to Mercedes, who have offered him a three year deal beginning at the start of the F1 season 2013.
Jake Humphrey is quitting as the face of Formula 1 at the BBC to lead BT's Premier League football coverage. The 33-year
The red-hot favourites didn't win, but that's road racing. After watching Team Sky's astonishing success at controlling the peloton in the recent Tour de France, it's obvious why the opposition was determined to stifle them at London 2012.