james heappey

The prime minister was forced into an emergency mini-reshuffle after James Heappey and Robert Halfon's stood down.
James Heappey becomes the 62nd Conservative MP to say they are standing down at the election.
James Heappey said he "wouldn't have used the language" the home secretary did.
"No one should pretend this is going to be anything but horrific."
"I think she’s doing a good job," James Heappey said.
His comments came as Russia warned of a global war if Nato countries continued arming the Ukrainian military.
The UK government is urgently investigating reports that Russian forces have used agents in the besieged city of Mariupol.
James Heappey insists the PM has been across everything from Omicron to Ukraine as Labour blasts a "zombie government".
Armed forces minister James Heappey even admitted that "millions" of voters will not believe Boris Johnson’s defence.