jay rayner

I'm taking a break for Easter and in doing so finding more time to read reviews and other lighter bits of news. Whilst cracking open the Campari I took a sharp intake of breath to observe the PR disaster for a famous hotel that is restaurant critic Jay Rayner's latest review for the Observer.
Politician and food writer traded blows over ... book promotion?
Then we got the first zinger(s). As Politico reported, Gove is more than a decade late with a planned biography of Henry
Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry knows the most annoying part of the job is not the long hours, low pay
Imagine going to a doctor in Sweden. You are overweight or perhaps borderline diabetic and you are worried and want to know what to do.
Sending kids off to school with the nutritional equivalent of a Type 2 diabetes time bomb and expecting them to concentrate in class is either ignorant, lazy, irresponsible or all three.