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MANCHESTER - The Labour Party's long-term failure to address growing nationalism in Scotland for over a quarter of a century
The MP who called off his anti-independence tour of Scotland after "co-ordinated abuse" by the Yes camp has said the "tap
Alex Salmond has been forced to deny "ridiculous" claims he is orchestrating a campaign of abuse, after a pro-unionist MP
Sir Paul McCartney has become the latest celebrity to suffer a stream of online abuse from pro-independence Scots, after
An anti-independence Scottish MP has suspended his tour of the country after being pelted with eggs, citing security fears
The truth is that after two years of campaigning the SNP haven't managed to move the ball forward in any game changing way at all. Having failed to become the 'momentum campaign' the SNP went in search of elusive big moments. But to those who have been following events closely the SNP's campaign has been a series of false starts and stumbled half answers.
I'm totally gutted by Ukip's success. No matter about all the other disagreements that Labour, Tory, SNP and Lib Dems have, this is a warning to us all... In an election with often contradictory outcomes one thing is now depressingly clear. The rise of Ukip is now also a Scottish phenomena.
Fifa and the national football associations of the UK should put pressure on Qatar to improve the "sub-human" working conditions
A Scottish Labour MP has hit out at how "poisonous" the debate over Scotland's independence has become after pro-independence
A former Labour Scotland secretary has hit out at Scottish nationalist "CyberNat trolls" who he said have attacked him with