joanna cherry

Cross-party committee warns justice secretary's plan will make it easier for the state to commit human rights violations.
Crispin Blunt wrote Imran Ahmad Khan was the victim of an "international scandal" after the Wakefield MP was found guilty.
Home secretary insists "it is right that migrants are financially independent" – but many have no choice because lockdown has left them out of work.
Jolyon Maugham and Joanna Cherry say Boris Johnson's bid to "update" human rights law and judicial review process are causing "deep alarm".
Everything you might have missed from the court case everyone is talking about.
An 11-strong panel of justices will hear the cases for only the second time in the court’s history.
Downing Street source told journalists "activists choose the Scottish courts for a reason".
'It seems we must now apologise for no longer finding "dyke" offensive.'