job losses

It could put thousands of jobs at risk.
The brand says it is assessing all parts of the company.
The mining industry is shedding jobs with the closure of shafts across several companies.
Union chiefs say redundancies are 'unnecessary'.
The department for work and pensions is set to make more than 800 staff redundant, union chiefs say. A programme of office
The term 'luddite' originally referred to those who opposed the job losses brought on by the Industrial Revolution.  So, are
If you've ever commuted from London at peak time, you'll be all too familiar with the dazed meandering as you leap, twirl
Predicting a year's worth of trends in a field as explosive as artificial intelligence is a bit like guessing what a human would do if you gave them every superpower all at once. Would they heat up their latte using eye lasers or rob a bank with a cucumber?
I am sure I am not the only person who is a long time subscriber and reader of the Economist journal but who disagrees profoundly with most of what it says. The online comments section of the journal show just that. For example...