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Here are seven useful tips to help entry-level job searchers to land their first job in 2018.
In my last blog, I said that speculators had to put down the crystal ball and face facts. Since I last posted, an election has been called and Britain is very much on the campaign trail, which comes with its own distinctive fervor. The discussion around the prospects of some industries can often get confusing, which is why sticking to what the facts are telling us - in this time of electoral uncertainty - are the best way of getting the bigger picture.
No community should be left to falter in 21st century Britain. Since Brexit, Prime Minister May has been talking about an inclusive Britain. It is time our government comes up with practical sustainable plans with measurable objectives to tackle the inequalities faced by disadvantaged groups like Muslims.
However, younger Bangladeshi women are serious about their educational and professional goals and are performing exceptionally
Since then I have had two different jobs. The first I should have never of accepted, the rapid staff turn over should have been a warning sign. The strange friend/family dynamic of the company should have been another.
It isn't difficult to understand how so many teachers are choosing to go overseas...
As more and more people are going to university and competition for jobs is heating up, for those who haven't been to university a high-paying job can seem as far away as the moon. There are many professions, however, that don't require a degree in order to succeed, just as having a degree does not guarantee well-paid success.
If you're still really stuck, go out and do something that you can write about. I coached football through my DofE programme, which I used on my CV to show communication and leadership skills. Always remember that each skill you list should be backed up by a real life example of where you've demonstrated this, and then the world is your oyster.
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Discovering a career that best matches your talents, motivations, interests and personality has a huge influence on your