Johnny Vegas

Comedian Johnny Vegas announced his second son's birth on Twitter with a snap of tiny shoes and a reference to poo. Vegas
One Direction need to watch their backs, as there’s a hot new band on the block - No Direction have arrived. The group performed
Johnny Vegas has opened up about his struggle with alcohol abuse, stating that becoming a dad helped him get his life in
It might sometimes seem as if anyone with a public profile has a book out, but the best of them, will surely come from comedians. Why? Because those in this most egotistical of professions are used to talking about themselves, for one. And with a degree of honesty that is increasingly uncommon in risk-averse public life.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Johnny Vegas has made it on to the wall of the National Portrait Gallery - after stripping to recreate
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Johnny Vegas has revealed stand-up comedy is like crowd control. The seasoned pro, 39, appeared as a
BBC Three controller Zai Bennet has dropped Johnny Vegas sitcom Ideal after its seventh season.
"I didn't have a title, nor a specific project to announce when summoned to MIF's [Manchester International Festival's] press