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One disabled single mother from Salford tells HuffPost UK how she works – but has been left in debt by changes to her benefits.
The shadow chancellor says he rejects the idea "poverty is OK as long as some people are given the opportunity to climb out of it".
Four million children in the UK are now growing up in poverty – and families with kids are the biggest losers under Universal Credit
'Life can feel like a hamster's wheel... I'm pushing myself so hard, but I feel like I'm stuck.'
IFS study in U.K. shows the gender pay gap accelerates even more rapidly for mothers who opt for part-time jobs.
'We need to make it possible for part-time work to keep women on the career ladder.'
On Christmas Day 128,000 children will wake up homeless in Britain, the highest number in a decade, according to a leading
Hundreds of thousands more children and pensioners are living in poverty as rates have begun rising for the first time in
30% of the UK population have less than they need for an acceptable living standard
Last week, at Prime Minister’s Questions, Theresa May reinforced her commitment to “building a Britain fit for the future
New figures show workers in south of England still earn the most.
Workers in the south east of England - the most well-off region in the country - earn up to 25% more than those across the
Stats show millions no better off than they were 15 years ago.
Theresa May has been accused of failing working families after figures revealed millions are no better off than they were
This Joseph Rowntree Foundation report shows how.