Labour MP David Lammy said Robinson “is not a journalist” but “he is a dangerous bigoted thug”.
A lot of newsrooms talk about diversifying and opening up journalism – we've decided to do something concrete about it, writes executive editor Jess Brammar.
Ben Sellers says Sky News promised to focus on Durham miners' gala despite crisis engulfing party.
A Briton and a prominent journalist are among those killed in suicide bomb and gun attack
Labour leader "fit as a fiddle", says Unite boss, and Times journalists "should be ashamed of themselves".
The Pulitzer-prize winning journalists were pardoned after more than 500 days in jail.
In a statement given to The Irish News, the New IRA said it offered its “full and sincere apologies” to the family and friends of Northern Irish journalist Lyra McKee. They added that new guidelines will be issued regarding the behaviour of their "volunteers" when "engaging the enemy". The 29-year-old was observing riots in Londonderry on April 18 when she was fatally shot.
He was found not guilty after a two-day trial at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court.