More than 160 journalists have signed an open letter in protest of the "laughable" claim by the Society of Editors.
A lot of people are pretending to cope when they aren't, write Alastair Campbell and Hannah Storm.
The prize will be named after the UK's first Black on-screen journalist Barbara Blake Hannah.
"Selective" briefings to newspaper journalists "isn't the way to build trust and confidence", ministers warned.
The 29-year-old journalist was shot in Londonderry last year.
The paper has been criticised by its own media critic and guild for suspending reporter Felicia Sonmez after she tweeted about Bryant's rape case.
A Tokyo court ordered television journalist Noriyuki Yamaguchi to pay 3.3 million yen in damages to Shiori Ito, a freelance journalist who has become a well-known face of Japan’s #MeToo movement.
Shadow chancellor at event on the alleged "media war on Labour" hits out at journalists and press.
Labour MP David Lammy said Robinson “is not a journalist” but “he is a dangerous bigoted thug”.
A lot of newsrooms talk about diversifying and opening up journalism – we've decided to do something concrete about it, writes executive editor Jess Brammar.