jurgen klopp

Klopp's reign hasn’t just been about winning trophies, but making Liverpool feel big again. That has meant reminding the fans of their place at the club, and their value.
The HuffPost UK politics team take a look at another breathtaking week for Britain staying in Europe. Nope, we're not talking the football, it's Theresa May trying to stay on the field deep into injury time as she seeks Labour's support on the wings for her beleaguered Brexit deal. Will Tanner, Director of Tory think-tank Onward joins the team to see what's next, who's on the subs bench and how many more laboured football puns we can shoo into this week's talks.
At times it seemed like an obvious trap for Liverpool to even consider attacking. Every time they pushed forward, they left space. Boom, in a flash, in swift waves of uncontrollable white streaming forward relentlessly, Tottenham were always on the attack. Liverpool containing it at 4-1 felt merciful, an escape from a humiliation.
Well, if the reward for international football is a bumper week of Premier League football then I apologise to international football for all the rude things I have called it recently. What a week of action we've had, with some twists and turns, some slap and tickle, and some expert displays of boosting footballers' confidence in public!
Whoa, whoa, whoa Chelsea. What's that all about, hey? We've already wrapped up this Premier League title thank you very much
One saving grace for the likes of Leicester, Bournemouth and Boro has to be the fact that Sunderland are surely halfway up the creek with no paddles whatsoever. Jermain Defoe crashed a shot against the bar but you just knew that a very average City side were going to score eventually, and they did. If I was feeling generous I would say that is what a good side can do, play badly and win. But I'm not feeling generous.
The FA Cup was back in action over the weekend, giving us a break from seeing Liverpool spontaneously self-combust their
Yes, while we may still only be in January, the magnitude of these games should not be understated. Even with almost a half of the season left to play, events at Anfield on Sunday may go a long way in shaping the title race.
The day after New Year's Day was a good day to be Chelsea and Antonio Conte. They didn't even need to play to come out of