Almost 200 people were wounded and 63 killed after an explosion ripped through a venue in the western part of the Afghan capital.
A bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Monday has left at least nine journalists dead, including Agence France Presse’s chief photographer in the country, Afghanistan, Shah Marai.
At least 10 journalists were killed in Afghanistan on Monday, making it the deadliest day on record for those in the field covering the country’s ongoing instability, according to rights groups.
“How are we to live? Where should we go?”
The attack occurred during a panel discussion of the 38th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan at the Tabian Social and Cultural Centre.
A police official says three people including a suicide bomber have attacked a TV station in the capital Kabul, according to Associated Press.
"Peace and reconciliation" is the phrase routinely trotted out by almost all actors in Afghanistan when asked what the end
The first pre-requisite for any genuine Afghan peace process is reshaping the surrender-narrative. The term 'peace' itself must be reclaimed so that it is no longer viewed with suspicion or equated to surrender and weakness. Those who are hostile to it become comfortable with it.