karie murphy

Shadow foreign secretary says Labour should not “pack the House of Lords" with close staff of the leader.
Exclusive: Labour leader’s chief of staff denies litany of complaints, including pushing a colleague by the neck or reducing another to tears.
Labour deputy leadership candidate says party members must have a say in choosing peers.
Exclusive: Jeremy Corbyn’s chief of staff was abroad just days before the party’s catastrophic defeat, HuffPost UK can reveal.
The former Commons Speaker and ex-Tory MP may have to join Labour to get a seat in the House of Lords.
Leadership candidate Jess Phillips says Murphy should not be given a Lords seat while under Equality and Human Rights Commission investigation over alleged anti-Semitism.
Opposition sources declined to comment on the claims.
One party insider said they believed the measures had been put in place to protect Jeremy Corbyn’s closest aides.
Leader's allies looking at major staffing reorganisation to "embed Corbynism".
Key aides Karie Murphy and Seumas Milne were put on permanent contracts and not tied to the leader’s time in office