Sergey Koudryavtsev admitting killing them after a row over his dog Enzo.
As the Grenfell tragedy unfolded, it was the faith-based groups who sprung into action in the vacuum of governmental cover. And it was the faith groups who have remained by the sides of residents and others affected by the tragedy. But what has it done to the faith to those who were helping? On the first anniversary, HuffPost UK spoke with those who helped to find out.
'I would have expected this chaos in a developing country,' said Jehangir Malik of Muslim Aid, which wrote the report.
The PM said she wants the investigation to be completed 'as quickly as possible'.
'The world is watching and I hope that people understand the plight that we are in right now'.
'If trickle-down economics worked, we would not have four food banks in Kensington and Chelsea'.