kidney disease

The over-70s, people with asthma and pregnant women are just some of those considered "at increased risk".
Twitter users offer the president a free biology lesson after his latest bizarre gaffe.
Living on life support has unexpectedly liberated me
I approached my surgery as though I was training for an event. I got strong and fit and ate well, and I listened to hypnosis audios around healing. When I arrived in hospital I told the team I wanted to see the theatre as I had only ever seen them on TV. I was able to be completely relaxed and laughed with the team at how star wars-ish it was!
"Help", I thought to myself, I need to un-hear what I am being told. I'm sat opposite the specialist and he is telling me I have kidney cancer. Not what I thought would happen to a fit forty something. Yet, there I was being told it needed to come out, as soon as possible. Then a year and a day later I lost my husband to the same awful disease.
Rosalind Franklin and Ada Lovelace - among the great scientists who have paved the way for Women in STEM. But whilst these
In May 2013 my family metaphorically car crashed into a world we knew little about. We were suddenly treading water manically to keep our heads, and members of our family firmly above the surface. Cases had been packed for a family holiday and in 24hrs we should have been boarding a plane. But we were going nowhere.
Matty Jones' kidneys are slowly deteriorating and it's endangering his life. But the drug that his family claim can save
'The results emphasise the importance of limiting PPI use.'
Prolonged use of indigestion drugs could dramatically increase a person's risk of kidney damage, a new health study has shown
There are no symptoms for kidney disease until it becomes quite advanced, therefore it's possible to live with the condition
Type 2 diabetes is, unfortunately, an increasing health risk for many adults and teenagers. It develops when your body can’t
Kidney problems are common, says the NHS and the number of people with chronic kidney problems is steadily increasing. So
Average salt content in supermarket packaged bread has fallen by 20% over the last decade - but this reduction masks a sharp
The head of a kidney charity has launched a stinging attack on the Government, saying it will miss a target to boost organ