killer clown

Mori hypothesised that these forms of human duplicates which appear to be almost exactly but not quite identical to humans evoke a feeling of unease, eeriness and even disgust among viewers, particularly when the creations begin to move in an unnatural or mechanical way.
The man ran towards the pair saying he was going to harm them.
Two girls have been left shaken after they were threatened by a knifeman dressed as a clown.  The incident took place on
The NSPCC have issued advice for kids to follow.
Worried children have been getting in touch with Childline to talk about the “creepy clowns” phenomenon sweeping the country
The 19-year-old man was arrested after police received reports of a clown brandishing a chainsaw
A Brunel University student has been arrested following reports a ‘killer clown’ was brandishing a chainsaw on the London
He told The Huffington Post UK: “It was a pre-planned video for my YouTube channel - everyone in the video are my friends
If you find clowns terrifying, you’ll probably need a change of underpants after watching this. Looking like the bastard