“Ladybug is her whole life, it goes on holiday with her, to hospital, she has one at school."
Long live table service and basic hand hygiene.
The first official national lockdown began on 23 March 2020. As we mark a year in and out of restrictions, we look back at the events that defined our shared experience and the personal stories that HuffPost UK were proud to help tell.
After a year of lockdowns, quarantines and self-isolation, we could all do with a little joy right now. And while you can’t always control what happens to you, you can control how you respond to it. We’ve asked therapist Lucy Beresford for tips on how to stay positive and keep our spirits up during challenging times.
Tick off every day of the month with a new act of kindness – and feel upbeat in the process.
Soundtracked by Celeste, the ad encourages us all to "give a little love" this December.
World Kindness Day is upon us – so we're celebrating our community heroes.
Easton LaChappelle taught himself robotics as a teen and now his company, Unlimited Tomorrow, has created personalised prosthetics for people. TrueLimb is way more affordable than traditional products and is easy to upgrade as a person grows throughout their lives.
Small business owners may have faced unrivalled challenges during lockdown - but they still gave back to the community.
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With many music and live theatre venues closed during the pandemic, one San Francisco drag club decided to bring their performers right to their audience's doorstep. Oasis launched its "Meals on Heels" service in August. For a fee, plus tips, drag queens will deliver food and cocktails right to your door, followed by a curbside, socially distant sidewalk lip sync performance for you and your neighbours.