laura kuenssberg

BBC political editor gives an honest reaction to prime minister's non-answer.
Departure of Boris Johnson’s top adviser comes amid power struggle at No.10.
The actor had called for her to resign as the broadcaster's political editor as he watched coverage of the election result.
Reports by prominent journalists on Twitter, including Robert Peston and Laura Kuenssberg, were proved to exaggerate the protest.
Newsreader Huw Edwards, who also appeared in the ad, said his "thoughts on this kind of stunt are unprintable".
The adverts which have appeared on Facebook include an edited clip of BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg saying “pointless delay to Brexit”.
Omar Salem said the BBC's political editor was doing her job "without fear or favour".
Corporation says suggestions of "malicious intent" after political editor pointed to Omar Salem being a Labour activist are "absurd”.
The prime minister’s controversial move has caused no-deal Brexit fears to grow and been widely criticised.