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MP for Oxford West and Abingdon MP says party's policy of revoking Article 50 was a "mistake".
As use of contactless and card payments rockets, chancellor Rishi Sunak is urged to legislate to protect cash in next week's budget for as long as people need it.
Exclusion should only ever be a last resort. But under the Conservatives, it’s become the easy option, writes Layla Moran.
The Oxford West and Abingdon MP is seen as likely party leadership contender.
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn will face off in a televised debate just days before the December general election.
The longer this reckless expenditure continues, the more concerned I become, writes Lib Dem MP Layla Moran
It won't change how most pupils dress but more choice would combat gender stereotypes and support transgender and non-binary pupils
Lib Dem Layla Moran hits out at anti-trans lobby, and reveals she has questioned her own sexuality.
He was called "disgraceful" after bellowing "from the grave" at a fellow MP as she spoke in the Commons.