layla moran

MPs from across the party have urged the PM to ditch the policy.
Layla Moran's family are among those trapped inside the compound in Gaza City.
The British-Palestinian MP said she was "in shock" at their exchange on BBC Question Time.
The GMB host asked Layla Moran is she knew the Hamas massacre was coming.
Layla Moran said she wondered if the query came from "a place of ignorance".
Writing for HuffPost UK, the first British-Palestinian MP says people on both sides have the right to live without fear.
People voting in England's local elections need photographic ID for the first time.
The Lib Dem MP said we allow our most prized cultural assets to act as a cloak that "sportswashes the reputations of kleptocrats and despots".
Campaigners angry that ministers have yet to make good on promise to get rid of 19th century law that references carts and wagons.