Bureaucracy is necessary to manage large institutions. But it can also be alienating.
Three-fifths of lecturers are working on insecure contracts.
The UK’s top universities treat their staff “little better than Sports Direct”, with high numbers of lecturers working on
Today, those of us that care about the future of education, care about the ethos that our universities run under and care about justice, need to join our lecturers on the picket line. Today, let's jointly raise our voices and demonstrate where the true power lies on our campuses.
Volunteers are part of a bigger picture of continued commitment to education and the work they do has dramatically improved the English language skills of the girls in the Rosie May home - a vital first step in breaking a cycle of poverty and institutionalisation.
Record numbers of students are attending university this year and young people choosing to further their education is something that I'm hugely in favour of. What I can't support, however, is a free for all in universities which simply don't have the infrastructure to deal with the rising numbers, but who are happy to benefit financially from them...
While the strike is in support of the university employees as opposed to its students, there is a call for young people to support their institutions by protesting alongside their lecturers or to simply refuse to cross the picket line.
Students across the country are set to face disruption this week as university academics and administrative staff stage a
CORRECTION: We previously ran the article under the headline: "Cambridge Don Urged To Resign Over Controversial Views". Martin
Teachers and lecturers are the professionals most likely to clock up unpaid overtime, according to figures released by a