Leeds City Council

Sir David Hanson and Judith Blake to head up internal review, as home secretary Jacqui Smith passed over for the role.
Local leaders have warned there are already more Covid-19 patients in Leeds hospitals that there were during the first wave.
Councils said that a delay in funding – which was finally announced on Thursday – was behind the lack of recruiting.
"It's another example of rail passengers in the North being treated like second-class citizens."
'We have decided that the museum is not an appropriate venue for this event'.
An unassuming railway bridge in a city centre has been given a wonderful makeover to celebrate the city’s LGBT community
On an ordinary winter day in 2014, Mary Honeyball led her colleagues in the European Parliament to pass a groundbreaking
Oh, hats off to Leeds City Council. ASBO'S served on four people begging for money. Well done indeed, kick a man when they are down eh? 2868 crimes in September 2013 within the Leeds City Council area but let's concentrate resources on picking on the most vulnerable, nice easy pickings.