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Since its inception, the project has provided support to over 30,000 people
Huge swathes of the country have no immigration law legal aid provider at all.
Crisis after crisis rocked the justice system this summer. Conservative Justice Secretary David Lidington had an opportunity to show that he was getting a grip during his keynote speech at Conservative Party conference. Sadly for the millions who depend on a properly functioning justice system, he fluffed his chance.
The recent reports of suggestions made by doctors in Australia that anal sex and other sexual practices could be the solution to chronic pain suffered during intercourse by women implanted with pelvic mesh devices continues to highlight the growing concern of the public in regard to the use of these products.
During 2015-2016, only 15 applications were made for children needing legal support for immigration cases, out of thousands expected when compared to the application rate before the changes. In fact, this tiny number of applications represents less than 1% of the 2,490 children who relied on legal aid during the final year before it was cut.
As Brexit negotiations continue, and we wait to understand fully the fate of EU children and families in the UK, it is more important than ever that we ensure those who have grown up here are able to engage with the immigration system and build their futures in this country. Then we will all benefit from the full contribution of the motivated young people in our communities, and can truly celebrate inclusion and justice in this country.