Liberal Democrats UK

The Conservatives risk losing to Labour in the north and the Lib Dems in the south.
Leader Ed Davey believes Dominic Raab's neighbouring constituency of Guildford could be the next Tory heartland seat to turn yellow.
The study also found that those who backed Remain were around 7% more willing to have a jab.
The company is offering beds to survivors in Ireland and the Lib Dems have called for the scheme to be rolled out in the UK.
Party leader will also use personal speech to say Lib Dems must be the voice of the UK’s nine million carers.
Exclusive: Lib Dems call for “world class” mental health support for staff enduring "life-altering trauma and immeasurable excess stress".
The rift at the heart of the party remains as wide as ever, Tim Walker writes.
Shamefully, hundreds of thousands of the foreign nationals serving across the NHS have no guarantee of their future in this country, Christine Jardine writes.
Exclusive: Honours for "coronavirus heroes" would be “completely devalued in the public eye” if key workers are not paid a “decent wage", Lib Dem MP says.
Cross-party group of MPs ask chancellor Rishi Sunak to take action.