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Gary Lineker, Adil Ray, Deborah Meaden and Dan Walker have also come out fighting for the BBC.
Transport secretary denies there is "preordained decision" about future of the public service broadcaster.
PM sparks fresh war of words with corporation over its move to end free licence next year for better off over-75s.
Nearly 4m over 75s will no longer have free licences from June 2020 following new BBC restrictions. Here's what you need to know.
Far from being strong-armed into making further cuts, it’s essential that the BBC has the capacity to continue to grow and adapt
If you can get past the headlines and random mentions of Vitamin D deficiency in a policy about cultural integration, Ukip's manifesto contains a few gems which even the most ardent left-winger would struggle to argue with.
The BBC hasn't ruled out using the iD to enforce the licence fee.
The BBC has announced that anyone who wants to watch iPlayer from early 2017 will need to log in.  To set up an account, viewers
And some of the corporation's journalists quickly piled in with their own jokes, including technology correspondent Rory
The BBC provides a remarkable social glue, reaching more than 90% of the population every week. Our identities, our entertainment, engagement and access are all things we see delivered by the BBC's orchestras, by its network of local speech stations and its public campaigns. The BBC World Service, now funded by the licence fee, is the single biggest influencer of our international reputation. But talking of the detail, there's much heat and little light around the vexed issue of BBC governance.