Life Hacks

The key to making great food, keeping your family healthy and enjoying yourself in the kitchen is by getting some key cooking skills down. Why not try some of my 12 key skills to start. Practice makes perfect!
Improving your life with technology doesn't have to be difficult. It doesn't have to mean buying a watch that can check your
Tricks they don't teach you in the Boy Scouts, No.12: this very important life lesson. Thank you, gentleman from Mirabeau
We all have the best intentions at the start of a new year but resolutions just don't work. In a study sourced by Statistic Brain, only 8% of people achieve their resolutions. There are many reasons why resolutions fail and they include setting too many goals at once or not making targets actionable.
As demonstrated by a man who appears to be Russia’s answer to Bear Grylls... (Via LiveLeak)
The one thing I'd wish I'd known starting university is how important your network is. When it comes to finding jobs or potential opportunities this is essential. It can mean that if you don't have the right grades someone can vouch for you on the inside. Most people just need a chance to show what they can do and sometimes a quick word from a friend can be that chance.
Ah, you can't beat a bit of British ingenuity. Someone get this fella on 'Dragon's Den'! (Via Tastefully Offensive)
Four months into my new lifestyle, which combines life hacking, career break, early midlife crisis and late gap year, I've got one alarmingly simple pearl of wisdom to share: we should all be trying much, much more new stuff.