The pilot scheme hopes to improve literacy skills among disadvantaged families.
Actor-turned-director Idris Elba is helping to launch a new campaign with Project Literacy, which aims to bring to light the problem of illiteracy around the world.
Risks faced by businesses are global and are exacerbated by diverse, disruptive influences.
Many of the country’s children are struggling to read at all.
From illiteracy to wowing the global art world, the artist is teaching us a whole new way to read.
Abantu remains a gift that keeps on giving 📚.
So where does the problem lie and how can South Africa address it?
Grade 4 children in SA scored the lowest mark of 50 countries in the Progress in International Reading and Literacy Study released on Tuesday.
Statistics have shown that in Africa, there is a large gap between the availability of quality education and the growing demand for it.