living wage

Here's what Rishi Sunak has in mind as chancellor maps out a "post-Covid" economy.
Billie Ahouzan is one of the care workers and cleaners at Sage Nursing Home in north London who have gone on strike. Along with his colleagues, he says they were left with no option after attempting to negotiate over issues of low pay, sick pay and union recognition. Ahouzan, who has worked at the home for 12 years, describes his love for the residents and the challenges he faced during the pandemic.
Mims Davies tells MPs she would "love" to see the threshold lowered.
In electioneering move, chancellor Sajid Javid plans to extend higher rate to 'millennials' too.
Frontrunner Boris Johnson said he wanted to boost earnings for poor people, but got the living wage rate wrong.
Twenty years since the minimum wage came into effect, the policy has stood the test of time – increasing the wage floor could one way to further tackle in-work poverty
Think tank report reveals chronic underfunding and poor pay is behind escalating problems.
Working poverty cannot be simply solved by raising wages alone, when the welfare state and affordable public necessities are being eroded
If your employer is leaving you in a gig economy job, or below a real Living Wage, unable to live with dignity and security, don’t lose hope