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Includes a tweet about Jamie Vardy being tattooed on someone's bum
She may not have won last year's Labour leadership election, but Liz Kendall proved yet again today that her party's loss
Both passionate cases for what is and isn't in the public interest.
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Labour MP Liz Kendall has spoken out about "misogyny on the hard left" and the criticisms she faces as a woman in politics
Damian McBride Several Labour MPs, including former Shadow Culture Secretary Michael Dugher, walked out of the meeting when
Robert Peston has only been in his new ITV job for two weeks. But already the poached political editor has committed a gaffe
Labour MP Liz Kendall has executed possibly the most perfect troll shut down yet. The Leicester West MP was responding to
What will come next is not easy, nor obvious. But one thing is for certain: it will require a radical shift in how we approach our politics. It is time for the 'Blairites' - for desperate want of a better word - to take some of their own advice...