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Tory MP Sir Nicholas Soames is enjoying a cultural renaissance of late thanks to his Twitter antics. But it was his socks
I am under no illusions. I know from my own constituency that many people voted to leave the EU in order to control immigration. But the Hard Brexit which the Prime Minister now champions will not solve the problems my constituents or the economy face, and in reality risks making them far worse.
Funny how you never hear people call Michael Gove 'difficult'.
Davidson tweeted that Nick Timothy, former chief of staff to May, should order merchandise saying: "Cometh the bloody difficult
Heavyweight bout went the distance
It was billed like a boxing bout. And from the moment heavyweights Boris and Alex loped onto the stage at YouTube’s Google
Johnson had been saying: "The difference between our side and their side is very, very simple. We believe we can do it." Johnson
Ding ding ding!
The 90-minute debate, just nine days before the June 23 vote, was held at YouTube’s central-London HQ in-front of Telegraph