local elections

Controversy in Prince Charles's home town as Conservative candidate wins by a majority of one with the help of a "doubtful" ballot paper.
Charities and campaigners criticise the government's trials of compulsory voter ID.
Trials could lead to all voters being forced to show their papers at the ballot box – but why would we spend £20million per election on making it harder for millions to vote?
Voter ID is an easy way of updating an outdated identification system from the Victorian era
Brazilian congressmen and leading presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro was stabbed on Thursday during a campaign event. He is in a stable condition after undergoing surgery. Jair is a far-right politician who has been fined for making derogatory comments towards women, the LGBT community and black Brazilians.
Help! I’m a Conservative thinker living in a Labour constituency. Leading up to last year’s snap election I was not only
Policies that affect young people tangibly and old people ideologically should be decided upon by those it impacts the most
Only blowing the Tories out of the water in elections like these is a win