local government

"This report exposes a human and financial crisis of the Tories’ own making."
MPs launched an investigation into the state of services last year.
'There is no money' say town hall chiefs as they set out plans to cut street lights, gritting... and so much more
The figures, and the way they are collected, are widely criticised for failing to capture the scale of the problem.
Homeless people will go unhoused, elderly and disabled people will go uncared for and vulnerable children will go unprotected. In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, this is unacceptable
Search and rescue efforts to find the more than 300 people missing after a mining dam collapse in Brazil, have resumed. They were temporarily halted when local authorities ordered the evacuation of over 24,000 residents over fears that a second dam may collapse. The order was called off and rescuers have returned to searching. The death toll stands at 58 and is expected to rise as areas dry out and search teams can access more of the Brumadinho village.
Councils are in an unsustainable position, and some are nearly bust – clarity on the future shape of the system is desperately needed
"This is fundamentally about providing safe accommodation to individuals fleeing desperate circumstances."
It's been pushed back until after parliament's meaningful vote on the deal.