local government

Unless this Government changes tune, elderly people will be lonelier, disabled people will get sicker, vulnerable children will fall through the net
More bus routes will end and recycling centres will close, they've warned.
A rise for even a quarter of those paid below the real Living Wage would mean an annual bump of over £1,700 for half a million people
A record 3.3 million visits were made to sexual health clinics last year.
Let’s hope that the Strategy’s publication in August was simply a timing error and not a deliberate attempt to avoid the real agenda and some real action
Experts fear passing off fakes and dangerous products could get easier.
Put simply, to disrespect London’s boroughs is to disrespect Londoners
Local authorities are sending two thirds of plastic food containers to landfill.
But a bid to create more ‘Corbyn councils’ faces fierce opposition.