London Cycling Campaign

Even with the high level of concern many do not have theft insurance. 4 in 10 cyclists reported having no insurance protection at all. The average reported value of a stolen bike was over £550. So with no insurance, the financial impact (not to mention the other impacts) of theft is huge.
London on Tuesday became the first UK city to ban lorries that do not have equipment to protect cyclists and pedestrians
Helmet-mounted cameras are becoming so effective in combating crime a national cycling charity is telling its 70,000 members
Thousands of people stopped traffic at a notorious City intersection Wednesday to remember Ying Tao, the eighth cyclist to
London's taxi drivers have ramped up the war on the capital's roads by releasing a video showing cyclists apparently jumping
Here is the clincher for Londoners that use the train, tube, dlr or bus to commute to work. Imagine if people didn't cycle. Imagine if another quarter of a million people were to join you on your daily commute; another 250,000 people cramming, pushing and shoving themselves onto the city's already dangerously overcrowded trains and buses.
A year ago today a young man I knew became another statistic. One of the 16 cyclists killed on London's roads last year. Two-thirds of which were (like him) killed by HGVs. The majority of these deaths (like his) happened after large vehicles turned across the cyclist's path.