london mayoral election

A host of United Kingdom elections are scheduled to be held on Thursday 5 May 2016, including the London Mayoral election
Let's move on to George Galloway. Not much to pick apart when it comes to his views because he doesn't really view this booklet
Paul Golding's campaign to become Mayor of London has so far failed to get off the ground, with polls suggesting genuine
The paper needs an enemy it can fight and not always win against. A vote for Sadiq is a vote for war. And nothing boosts a newspaper like war.
When faced with the housing crisis we have, it is always tempting to start banning stuff. The list of targets is long: off-plan property sales, foreign ownership, empty homes, buy to let. But banning stuff outright is rarely straightforward and can have unintended consequences. Letting fees are one of the exceptions.
London is the world's greatest city, and Londoners deserve an equivalent energy system. How we power our city, keep our homes warm, and keep the lights on, says a lot about how we live our lives. It should be clean, affordable and 21st century. I want my daughters to grow up in a city that is cleaner and greener, in which people aren't dying because the air is so filthy. But I also want London to be at the cutting edge of new green technologies, generating the growth and jobs of the future. That's why, if I'm elected Mayor in May, I'll set up Energy for Londoners to lead on delivering the clean, green energy of the future.
I'm so disappointed that colleges and universities will only be receiving Government guidance just days before the deadline to register for next month's crucial elections. Given we know that university towns have seen the biggest drop off in voter registration, the Government should also have issued support on how to register their students to vote when they enrol on their courses, which has been proven successful in places like Sheffield and Cardiff.
Today there is a hustings in London organised by the biggest disability charities. It looks to be an excellent event. The organisers have been meticulous about enabling the participation by providing easy-read information, documentation in Braille and agreed timings. I won't be there because as a candidate for a new and different party I have been deemed ineligible to participate... This has so many echoes of the space in which I existed with Grace in those early years that it is tough to find myself here again.