London Olympics

A recent study found that young people who regularly participate in high-intensity sports may suffer abnormal femur (thighbone) development. The discovery may help to explain why athletes tend to have a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis, which causes pain and disability to 8.5 million people in the UK, than people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
London topped Paris to win the Games in 2005 with a promise to deliver the greenest games ever. Yet how can an event with 10.8 million tickets which mobilises more than 17,000 athletes, 20,0000 journalists and countless spectators from around the world possibly be green?
With one year to go before the 2012 Olympics start, you can be sure that plenty of charities will be thinking of running Olympics-themed fundraising events to tie in with this significant festival of sport. But they might be well advised to steer clear of any mention of the Olympics or Paralympics because of the stringent laws in the UK that restrict the use of words, names or signs that refer to these events.
The silver, gold and bronze 2012 Olympic medals were unveiled today at an event in Trafalgar Square. The 85mm diameter and
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The year long final countdown to the start of the London 2012 Olympics has begun. International Olympic
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Seb Coe has spoken of his pride that sport has brought the Olympic dream to London ahead of Wednesday's
And as much as London 2012 will celebrate Britain's past, it will also highlight Britain's present and future.
Oscar Pistorius has run the 400m qualifying time for both August's World Championships and the 2012 Olympics.
In looking at the 2012 Olympic legacy, all of those making the decisions seemed unable to see the wood for the trees. We need not give in to the thrall of the Premier League and of football and all its glories.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The chance to buy more than 1.5 million unsold Olympic tickets opens on Friday at 6am. There are 1.5