long covid

A recent study suggests that the treatment may help some high-risk people following an infection.
"'Great news!' she said. 'They looked at your labs and history. It turns out ... there’s nothing wrong with you!'"
The symptoms can massively impact day-to-day life.
Brain fog and fatigue aren't the only complications that may stem from COVID. You could also develop gastrointestinal conditions.
In their own words, COVID long-haulers share details on the gruelling physical symptoms of the condition.
If you don't think the condition is a big deal, you haven't been paying attention.
Some good news for those tired of that long Covid fatigue.
Fatigue is most widely reported – but these other debilitating symptoms are also prevalent.
Long-term illness has seen a growing number of people dropping out of the workforce since 2019.
While an immunity-evading strain is making headlines, it's only part of a much bigger (and more daunting) picture.