Grief is something we all encounter. Whether it's losing a loved one, a friend, a job and everything else, loss can have a profound effect on us and our brains. Dr Lisa Shulman has delved into the notion of loss and grief and their impacts upon the brain in her book Before and After Loss: A Neurologist's Perspective on Loss, Grief and the Brain.
Death is the ubiquitous spectre waiting to affect us all and while we cannot avoid it, we can try to understand it a little better
I have a theory – I doubt it’s new but still, it’s mine – that there’s some kind of boundary separating this world from another
My dad died of motor neurone disease last April. He was 62. I was 26, struggling to finish my teacher training in a secondary
How does it feel to lose love when you’ve only just found it? How does it feel to meet your partner’s mother for the first time to plan his funeral?
Rest easy Tim and be assured that you have touched the lives of many people... most of whom you never met
If there’s one positive thing I can say about cancer, it’s that it brings out the best in people
I have never really spoken about this day; it’s hard to know where to start really. It was a cold but sunny March day. My
I think of my grief as the 8th dwarf. The bitter one that got rejected for the casting call for Snow White.