Louis Van Gaal

​New manager Mauricio Pellegrino arrives at Southampton with an impressive résumé to his name and fans at St Mary's can be optimistic that times will continue to be good despite a fifth new boss taking the reins in as many years since the club's return to the top flight in 2012.
Today's theme is people in football who, well, really don't help themselves. Historically, you might consider Joey Barton to head up this list - on one hand, Joey craves being thought of as a football intellect. On the other hand, he likes to put his cigar out in a team mate's eye. Mario Ballotelli would probably get selected if this list became an XI - Mario wants to win the Ballon d'Or one day, but by the same token likes to let off fireworks in his bathroom.
​Replacing Sir Alex Ferguson was never going to be easy. Three years on from the Scots departure from Old Trafford and it still feels like there is a gaping hole at Manchester United. The charismatic Jose Mourinho is the latest manager who appears to be drowning under the enormous weight of expectation.
Mourinho's finally got the chance he's always yearned for at Old Trafford, so it's time to live with it. Disregarding his meltdown at Chelsea last season, this is a man who knows what he's doing, and knows how to get results - no matter how he goes about getting them. He'll stick to some old habits, and winning will be one of them.
The arrival of the former Chelsea boss represents another new era in the red half of Manchester - fans probably didn't think they would have had quite so many fresh dawns in the three short years since Sir Alex Ferguson retired - and a lot of people are clamouring to now see big changes.
Just after Louis Van Gaal lifted the FA Cup for Manchester United, reports emerged saying he was about to be sacked and replaced
Just after Louis Van Gaal lifted the FA Cup for Manchester United, reports emerged saying he was about to be sacked and replaced
Manchester United's Premier League season is (finally) over, and there's only the FA Cup standing between the entire world and finding out whether Louis van Gaal is getting the boot this summer. Jose Mourinho insists he doesn't know. Van Gaal says he's staying, but... well, he would. Ed Woodward is busy trying to figure out how fax machines work, so we're not getting an answer out of him any time soon.
In the modern world we live in everything always seems like it has to be the best or the worst something that has ever happened. How the majority of people are currently perceiving Manchester United now appears to be a product of exactly that. But it's not that bad and it will get much better given time. Let the cake finish baking. Then we'll enjoy it together.
No Champions League football equals a disastrous hit on revenue, which means less money to spend on players, which means increasing likelihood of another dull season to follow, and the decline picks up momentum. It's a cycle that needs breaking and pronto. Just ask Leeds or Nottingham Forrest. No club is immune from tumbling down the ladder.